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Beanie Hat Propeller Cap

With the Beanie Hat dont get caught in a heavy wind, or you might just take off! This high quality beanie hat is perfect for the kid in everyone! Stick your tongue out at a the ball game, have a mustard & onion weanie....rub a lamp and free a can do it all wearing this beanie hat! 

The Beanie Hat is one of the funniest hats ever made!  Also known as a propeller hat, the beanie hat spins easily when the wind blows. Kids and adults both love to wear them!

The Beanie Hat is the Perfect Gift for Kids
Kids love to have fun and this is just what our beanie hat will bring them! Wear the propeller hat at the next ballgame or to the park. Kids have fun running around watching the propeller spin around. Your kid will never be bored with this fun item around!

Makes a Funny Gag Gift item for the Kid in All of us
Have a friend that refuses to grow up?  This is the perfect gift you can buy them!  Have a great time while they wear this funny hat at the next family picnic or office meeting!

Fun Gift while also Keeping Sun out of your Eyes
Not only is the beanie hat a very fun cap to wear. The propeller hat will keep you warm all day long keeping the sun out of your eyes. With many great uses, you cant go wrong with this fun hat!

Only $9.95 each


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